Concussion Institute

Concussion Institute at Northside Duluth

Northside is committed to improving concussion treatment for current and retired athletes, of all ages and levels of play, from youth sports leagues to collegiate and professional ranks. We even go beyond the athlete and treat everyday accidents from weekend warriors to auto collisions and everybody in between. Our mission is to increase awareness around the signs and symptoms of head trauma, and provide state-of-the-art treatment programs when they occur.

The Concussion Institute at Northside Hospital Duluth features a highly skilled team of concussion experts across multiple disciplines and areas of expertise as well as advanced technology used for vestibular evaluation and treatment. Our neurologists, neuropsychologists and certified athletic trainers evaluate individuals with concussions and create custom tailored management plans to return players to the field and their daily lives in the safest and fastest way possible. 

We feature field-based athletic trainers who work full-time on playing fields across Northeast Metro and North Georgia high schools and leagues. By providing comprehensive injury assessment and follow-up care on the sidelines, our locally based athletic trainers expedite recovery and minimize the risk of post-concussion syndrome.

Baseline Concussion Screening

Baseline concussion testing is key for athletes and the treatment of concussions. The Concussion Institute at Northside Hospital Duluth offers the unique software system ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). Mandated by the NHL and used by most NFL, MLB, collegiate and high school sports teams across the country, ImPACT is quickly becoming the “Gold Standard” in recognizing and managing head injuries.

The ImPACT online assessment is administered under staff supervision at our facility before the start of each athletic season. The assessment establishes a baseline for comparison should the student-athlete suffer a concussion during their sports season by testing each area of the brain’s immediate and delayed memory recall, reaction time and sequencing. The ImPACT assessment aids in determining the extent of the injury, which allows our staff to better monitor recovery and make safe return-to-play decisions.

To find a doctor or to schedule an appointment for a baseline concussion screening, call 678-312-7880.

Sports Medicine & Concussion Care-a-Van

As part of Northside’s continued commitment to athletes, families and the community, we can bring expert sports medicine and concussion care to community and sporting events. Our state-of-the-art Sports Medicine & Concussion Care-a-Van mobile unit is equipped with the latest in concussion and sports medicine technology. The Northside Care-a-Van offers the following Sports Medicine and Concussion Services:

  • Athletic Training & First Aid 
  • Concussion Baseline Testing
  • Injury Preventions
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Physicals
  • Education & Wellness Programs

To learn more or to reserve the Sports Medicine & Concussion Care-a-Van for your next event, call 678-312-7880.

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