Spine Care Services

Improving Neck and Back Pain with Expert Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

The most critical aspect of orthopedic spine care is an accurate diagnosis. Some of our patients come to us with painful symptoms or mobility issues and others have a specific diagnosis due to a previous evaluation. Our team can help determine the most appropriate treatment path for improved recovery.

If you are experiencing continued pain after a previous surgery – come to us for a reevaluation. We welcome the opportunity to identify problems that have not been addressed or provide spine pain management solutions to improve your quality of life.

Northside Orthopedic Institute offers expert care for a full range of spine conditions, including:


Neck Pain


Thoracic Spine Issues


Lumbar Spine Pain

Referrals Available for Comprehensive Spinal Care

If you would like your primary care physician to refer you to Northside Orthopedic Institute, we’re happy to provide comprehensive evaluation and expert care, including pain management, and coordinate with your doctor’s office. Our goal is your goal – to remain as active as possible with reduced pain.