Spine Services

Northside Hospital's comprehensive Spine Centers make the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of back, neck and spine pain as easy as possible, offering self-referral and appointments within 48 hours in most cases.

Our staff is equipped to diagnose and treat any condition involving the spine. Some conditions are relatively minor. We commonly see patients with a stiff neck and aching back, neck and spine problems, back injury from accidents or falls, sports injuries, degenerative conditions related to aging such as osteoarthritis of the spine or narrowing of the spinal canal compressing the spinal cord, spinal compression fractures, and congenital problems. Other conditions are severe or require immediate surgical intervention - spinal tumors, spinal infections, cysts in the spinal cord, metastatic cancer involving the spine. Spine conditions related to osteoporosis may require follow-up with rheumatologists and interventional radiologists. 

Why choose one of Northside's Spine Centers?

  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Personalized and coordinated approach
  • Easy and quick access to multi-disciplinary team of experts
  • Definitive follow-up care
  • Ongoing communication and consultation with the patient’s primary care or referring physician
  • Appointments within 48 hours (whenever possible)
  • Same-day MRI scans, when medically necessary
  • One-on-one consultation to help you understand your condition and options for care
  • Participation in most major health insurance plans
  • Insurance pre-certification 

Diagnostic Imaging

Northside Hospital's Radiology Services offers comprehensive and state-of-the-art imaging services for the spine including MRI, CT and X-ray. Convenient locations are available throughout Metro Atlanta.

Physical Therapy

Our Spine Center is affiliated with physical therapists who examine and evaluate your back or neck and determine your treatment.

Spine Surgery

When surgery is needed, our surgeons specialize in the “routine” spine surgeries as well as the complex spine procedures.

Scheduling a Spine Center Appointment

At the Northside Hospital Spine Centers, our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with the best possible care and service. That's why we minimize paperwork, increase conveniences, work to align our patient services with your expectations and ensure that our friendly staff members are always available to assist you.

When you're in pain, you want to get relief fast. Unless your insurance company requires it, you don't need a referral to our Spine Centers. We will follow up with your primary care physician.

To schedule an appointment at any of our Spine Centers, please call (404) 459-1809. 

Prior to your appointment 

  • Click for online patient forms to complete in advance. 
  • Review your insurance carrier's requirements for pre-certification / pre-authorization. Failure to follow your carrier's stated protocol could result in reduced benefit payments. (See list of plans accepted at Northside.) Northside's Business Office is pleased to file insurance claims for our patients.
  • Have your insurance card ready to present at the time of registration.

Services provided by other professionals not employed by Northside Hospital – including, but not limited to, radiology, anesthesia, pathology, emergency medicine – may be billed separately. These providers may or may not be participants in your insurance plan. Please contact your member service representative with your insurance carrier to find out if you're covered.