Blood & Marrow Transplant Program

The Blood and Marrow Transplant Program at Northside Hospital provides the best of both worlds – clinical excellence and compassionate care. NSH-BMT is one of the largest clinical transplant programs in the United States and serves patients undergoing bone marrow/stem cell transplant therapy and provides primary leukemia management.

For the fourth consecutive year, NSH-BMT’s commitment to quality patient care has resulted in our program being recognized as one of only seven centers of the almost 130 adult transplant programs in the country with survival outcomes that significantly exceeded the expected range for related and unrelated allogeneic donor transplants Please review survival outcome data at

In addition, Northside was the only community hospital to receive the prestigious designation of a Core Clinical Center for the Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network (BMT-CTN). This designation is accompanied by a research grant awarded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). NSH-BMT is one of only 20 out of more than 120 such BMT Programs in the United States to be awarded this status.

NSH-BMT serves patients undergoing bone barrow/stem cell transplant therapy and provides primary leukemia management including:

  • Autologous stem cell transplants
  • Related and unrelated allogeneic stem cell transplants
  • Haploidentical stem cell transplants
  • Cord blood transplant

A patient’s physical and emotional well-being are our physicians' primary focus. The NSH-BMT Program offers leading-edge clinical treatment, a commitment to quality, state-of-the-art facilities and the best survival rates in the country.

Clinical Trials

Click here to download current listing of Northside Hospital clinical trials. 

Diseases Treated

Diseases treatable with bone marrow transplantation include:

  • Acute Myelogeneous Leukemia (AML)
  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
  • Amyloidosis
  • Anaplastic Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
  • Aplastic Anemia
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
  • Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML)
  • Hereditary Hemoglobinopathies (Thalassemia, Sickle Cell)
  • Hodgkin’s Disease
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL)
  • Solid Tumors amenable to transplant therapy
  • Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia


NSH-BMT has achieved national Center of Excellence awards from the major insurance managed-care companies. National accreditation includes:

  • Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT)
  • National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)
  • American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

NSH-BMT’s Comprehensive Inpatient and Outpatient Autologous and Allogeneic Transplant Program

NSH-BMT is committed to providing patients and their caregivers a comprehensive pathway to successful outcomes. While NSH-BMT has pioneered successful outpatient transplants, we are able to provide patients with the option to also have an inpatient autologous or allogeneic transplant.

At the New Patient Consult and Pre-BMT Evaluation, the NSH-BMT team will meet with each patient and family member(s) to determine if an inpatient or outpatient transplant would be the best treatment/location option. We realize that for some patients, receiving an outpatient transplant is not feasible due to the lack of adequate care giver support, transportation, local housing requirements or financial considerations. The NSH-BMT team works with each patient and their unique personal situation to determine the best location to have their transplant.

Nationally, NSH-BMT has been a leader in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplant by perfecting autologous and allogeneic transplants in the outpatient setting. BMTGA physician, Dr. Scott Solomon, wrote a peer reviewed article, Outpatient Myeloablative  Allo-SCT:  A comprehensive approach yields decrease hospital utilization and  low TRM.  Bone Marrow Transplantation. 2010 March;45(3):468-75., which demonstrated that receiving mobilization of stem cells, high dose chemotherapy/total body irradiation and post-transplant follow-up care in the outpatient setting is safe with outstanding survival outcomes (please also see the Survival tab) and excellent patient satisfaction.

If you receive your transplant in the inpatient or outpatient setting, you will receive the same outstanding care from our dedicated NSH-BMT Interdisciplinary Team. 


The NSH–BMT transplant physicians are nationally recognized in the field of blood and marrow  transplantation and leukemia therapy. To learn more about the physicians at NSH-BMT, visit

Interdisiplinary Team

The NSH-BMT team members are highly educated and trained in blood marrow transplantation/leukemia care. These dedicated health professionals provide outstanding patient care where the patient is the center in the treatment pyramid.

Team members include:

  • Physicians
  • Transplant Coordinators
  • Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant
  • Nursing Management, Inpatient BMT Leukemia Unit
  • Nurses, Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Health Psychologist
  • Data Coordinators
  • Registered Dietician
  • Critical Care Specialist
  • Marrow/Stem Cell Processing Laboratory
  • Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) Nurse Specialist
  • Platelet Apheresis Donor Center Staff
  • Clinical BMT/Leukemia Pharmacists
  • Clinical Research Staff
  • Financial Coordinators
  • Quality Improvement/Assurance Program Staff
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Physical Therapists
  • Chaplain Services


The NSH-BMT inpatient unit is a state-of-the-art closed, hepafiltered facility used solely for BMT and leukemia patients. This 36-bed unit has private rooms, a specialized pharmacy with the capabilities to mix complex chemotherapy regimens, dedicated family room and exercise room. Nursing and mid-level practitioners undergo extensive annual training and competency.

  • Outpatient Clinic Facility
  • Hematopoietic Marrow/Stem Cell Processing Laboratory
  • Flow Cytometry and Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
  • The Bone Marrow Transplant Inpatient Unit

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