Spiritual Services

Healing takes place in all dimensions - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

The Spiritual Health and Education Department at Northside provides spiritual care that is sensitive to each person’s need to find personal truth and meaning in his or her own experience. Our chaplains are partners in healing with patients, families and staff, responding to spiritual distress, providing access to religious resources, facilitating communication with faith representatives or clergy persons outside of the hospital and responding and providing religious rituals.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at each of Northside’s hospital campuses.

Patient Care

As members of your health care team, Northside Hospital’s chaplains visit patients and their families to offer support as they make meaning of their healthcare journeys at Northside.

Spiritual Health and Education

They respect diverse faith traditions and cultural backgrounds, seeking to support patients in drawing on the resources that are most meaningful to them during their hospitalization.

Our chaplains are glad to assist patients in contacting and utilizing the services of their own spiritual care provider (e.g. pastor, rabbi, priest, imam, or designated lay visitors).

Sacred Space for Prayer and Reflection

Each Northside Hospital campus has an easily-accessible chapel, open at all times to persons of all faiths for prayer, meditation and reflection, as well as for religious services coordinated by chaplaincy staff.

Multi-faith Services

At Northside, we respect the right of individuals to hold and express their own spiritual beliefs. Our chaplains provide spiritual health support to patients across the spectrum of beliefs and maintain relationships with skilled volunteers and local clergy to offer referral support by patient request.

Additionally, we facilitate weekly multi-faith chapel services at Northside Hospital’s Atlanta campus and oversee sacred inclusive chapel spaces at Northside Hospital’s Forsyth and Cherokee Campuses.

For those in need, we offer spiritual health support services to patients or their loved ones nearing or at the end-of-life. Community memorial services and times of remembrance are also conducted by our chaplains.