Maternity Resources

It’s Time to Prepare

You want your childbirth experience to be special. Let us help you get ready.

Getting Ready for Your Baby
Pre-registration and more.

Great Expectations
An eBook Guide to Enjoying
your Pregnancy.

New Beginning
An eBook about mom and baby. care

Postpartum Education
Videos with chapters about mom and baby care.

MothersFirst Classes
Classes covering childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care, parenting and more.

Motherhood eLearning
Interactive eLearning program, a great alternative when you cannot attend a traditional childbirth class.

Breastfeeding eLearning
Get off to a good start breastfeeding with this FREE online introductory course.
Hospital Tours
Tour the hospital before your birth.

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Labor Of Love
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March of Dimes.

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