Northside now offering new MRI-guided radiation therapy for cancer treatment


Northside Hospital Cancer Institute now offers groundbreaking technology that combines MRI with radiotherapy to treat tumors and cancers, including prostatepancreaticliver and lung cancers. 

The ViewRay MRIdian® MRI-guided radiation therapy system is the first in Georgia. It is located at Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Radiation Oncology – Atlanta, 1000 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342. 

"As a leader in cancer care in Georgia, we are excited to add the MRIdian system to our treatment services for cancer patients as part of our dedication to advance the practice of radiation therapy, improve outcomes and lower toxicity," said Dr. Ajaykumar Patel, radiation oncologist at Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. 

During radiation therapy, making sure treatment hits a moving target can be challenging. As a patient breathes, swallows, or has other internal organ motions, the tiniest movement can affect the position of a tumor. 

The new MRI-guided linear accelerator (MRI-LINAC) represents an advance in the field of radiation oncology. The built-in MRI can see and track soft tissue and tumors in real time, capturing multiple images every second. This allows specialists to quickly compensate for any movement, adapt the treatment plan, and more accurately and effectively target therapy. 

"The system will allow us to practice personalized and precision medicine and continue to lead the way with cutting-edge technology in the metro Atlanta area,” added Dr. Patel. 

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute is one of the largest community cancer networks in the nation, and it offers more radiation oncology centers and advanced radiation therapy treatment units than any other hospital system in Georgia. In addition to the MRIdian, Northside is home to Gamma Knife® stereotactic radiosurgery and is among the top 15% of Gamma Knife programs in the nation. 

Read more about MRI-guided radiation therapy at Northside.


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