Patient Portal: MyOneChart

Northside Hospital is pleased to offer our patients easy, secure and convenient access to their personal health information via Northside's MyOnechart online portal.

Through our free Northside MyOneChart patient portal you can:

  • Securely and easily manage your healthcare online
  • View recent laboratory results
  • Obtain radiology reports
  • View current medications
  • List current allergies
  • View immunization records
  • Review clinical summaries of your visits with us
patient portal Woman looking at tablet

There are two simple ways to sign up for your personal access.

  1. Personal Invite - During your visit to Northside you provided us with your personal e-mail for your invitation.
    Click on the link included in your e-mail from Northside or cut and paste to your web browser to activate your account.
  2. Register - If you have not already provided us with your personal e-mail, you may access the MyOneChart site and register.
Customer Support
Call 404-531-5888 (voicemail available after business hours) or Email Support

If you have any difficulty registering or using the service, please contact Customer Support at 404-531-5888 (voicemail available after business hours), or email [email protected].

Once you access your MyOneChart account, if you do not see the health information you're looking for please call 404-531-5888.

Patients over 14 years of age who provided their registrar with an email address will automatically receive an email invitation to sign up for their MyOneChart account.

Connect to your MyOneChart account

If you have already signed up for MyOneChart access, click here to log-in to your account.

If you would like to connect to MyOneChart utilizing an API tool, please contact us at [email protected].