FOX 5: Nerve freezing procedures helps relieve post-surgery pain and the need for opioids

The opioids required after knee surgery can prolong the difficulty a patient faces. 

Clay Guynn

Curt Bazemore, a retired physical therapist and athletic trainer from Forsyth County, learned that when he had knee replacement in 2015. The surgery went well but he didn’t like the way the pills made him feel afterward.

When it came time to have his left knee replaced, Bazemore had a different approach from sports medicine physician Dr. Clay Guynn at Sports Medicine South of Gwinnett.

Dr. Guynn and Curt spoke with FOX 5 recently about how a nerve-freezing procedure known as cryoneurolysis can improve post-operative recovery. 


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Dr. Clay Guynn is a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, who is fellowship-trained in sports medicine. He is an expert in the non-surgical management of various painful syndromes, both new and long-lasting, including musculoskeletal disorders, peripheral nerve disorders, sports injuries and neck/back pain.

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