New program simplifies second opinions for cancer diagnoses

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute has launched a Cancer Second Opinion Program to help patients receive an expedited evaluation of their cancer care and treatment options.   

“A cancer diagnosis is often overwhelming. Seeking a second opinion can help to better understand your diagnosis and decide your path forward,” said Patti Owen, director, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. 

“We are excited to provide easy access to a second opinion for those individuals looking for more answers about their diagnosis or who just have questions about a treatment plan.” 

Northside’s Cancer Second Opinion Program connects patients to an elite team of experts in medical and radiation oncology and surgery, including those with specialized training in the treatment of rare and complex cancers. The program also has a robust research department and offers clinical trials for many cancer types. 

“With more than 55 cancer care locations, Northside is Georgia’s largest cancer network, which means patients can receive a second opinion close to home,” added Drew Snyder, director of oncology quality and support services.

A dedicated nurse care coordinator helps expedite appointments, including scheduling consultations for patients based on their diagnosis, clinical needs and geographic location.

For questions about getting a second opinion or to speak with a nurse care coordinator, call 404-851-8434.

Learn more about the Cancer Second Opinion Program.


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