Northside wins statewide patient safety awards

GHA_Northside Duluth

The Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) recently presented two of its prestigious Patient Safety and Quality Awards to Northside Hospital. These annual awards recognize Georgia health care organizations for achievement in reducing the risk of medical errors and improving patient safety and medical outcomes. The awards were presented at GHA's annual Patient Safety and Quality Summit, Jan. 8-9.

Northside Hospital Duluth won third place in the Hospitals With 100-299 Beds category for its project “From Pilot to Program: Implementation of a Multimodal Analgesic Protocol for Total Joint Patients.” 

The project was aimed at tackling the opioid crisis by focusing on postoperative pain management in total joint replacement patients. 

Dr. Ashlynn Penna, clinical specialist for Perianesthesia Services at Northside Hospital Gwinnett and Northside Duluth, said the project effectively reduced narcotic dependence and enhanced recovery. 

“The success of this protocol not only improved patient outcomes but also underscored its potential as a wider health care strategy to address public health challenges, particularly the opioid epidemic,” Dr. Penna said. 

GHA_Northside BehavioralNorthside's Behavioral Health Services won second place in the Specialty/Hospital-Owned Outpatient With 100-299 Beds category for its project “Maintaining a Successful Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Through and Beyond a Pandemic.” 

"This award brings forward attention to some of the most vulnerable patients we encounter," said Nikeisha Whatley-León, LPC, system director of behavioral health services. "For many, they’re overlooked and judged; however, our staff has chosen to be a place of safety, connectivity and belonging for them." 

"This has a huge therapeutic benefit to our patients and the community," Whatley-León added. "Patient safety helps to reassure the community that they can trust our health care system." 

“We are pleased to honor Northside Hospital Duluth and Northside Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health Center for their innovative approach to improving patient safety,” said Georgia Hospital Association President and CEO Caylee Noggle. “Their efforts have improved the health and wellness of the community, and we thank them for their important work in this area.” 

Read more about Northside Hospital's commitment to delivering safe, high-quality care. 

Pictured above (l-r): GHA President and CEO Caylee Noggle; Ashlynn Penna, clinical specialist for perianesthesia services at Northside Hospital Gwinnett; and GHA Chair Mary Chatman, PhD, R.N.

Pictured right (l-r): GHA's Chatman and Noggle with (in the center) Nikeisha Whatley-León, LPC, Northside Hospital system director of behavioral health services.



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