Northside leads with heart in new marketing push


Northside Hospital has launched a major marketing effort to promote its heart care services. 

The “We Lead With Heart” campaign tells the story of the Northside Hospital Heart Institute, and how its physicians and staff provide comprehensive cardiovascular expertise to patients in north Georgia. 

Northside’s heart program has experienced dramatic growth in the past several years. Its services are provided by 100 physicians at more than 55 locations in the Atlanta region, with 95% of its patients recommending them to family and friends. 

“We Lead With Heart” is an extensive program that will reach Georgians in many ways – some of them new approaches. Throughout Valentine’s Day, the Clear Channel outdoor company is featuring long duration, or immersion, campaign ads on more than 150 digital billboards – ads that run for five minutes over six time periods. 

Also debuting are new ads on traditional TV and radio stations; TV ads on multiple streaming channels such as Hulu and YouTube; a physician-focused program with WebMD; a streaming campaign on iHeart Radio; social media content on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads; and community activities with Northside nonprofit partners. 

Heart ads also will be seen during TV broadcasts of the March Madness basketball tournament, PGA events, and Atlanta Braves games. 

TV Spot

Sample Billboard


Learn more about Northside Hospital Heart Institute.


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