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Northside Hospital Cancer Institute was awarded $615,000 to provide breast screenings, diagnostic services and transportation assistance to underserved/uninsured women living within metro Atlanta and outlying counties across central and north Georgia. 

Details: Four grants were received from organizations, including the Georgia Alliance for Breast Cancer (GAABC) and Northside Hospital Foundation.

  • GAABC (formerly It’s The Journey) awarded two $20,000 grants on March 9 to provide breast screening and diagnostic services for underserved women living in or outside metro Atlanta. Money was raised from the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.
  • Another $10,000 was awarded by GAABC for transportation assistance to and from appointments.
  • Northside Hospital Foundation awarded $475,000 for breast screening services.

Why it matters: The American Cancer Society estimates more than 9,840 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2024. Early detection of breast cancer saves the lives of thousands of women each year. However, medically underserved and uninsured women often lack access to care.

The big picture: Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Program is among the top breast cancer programs in the country and one of the nation’s leading providers of breast cancer diagnostic and treatment services. In 2023, Northside provided more than 5,414 breast cancer screening and diagnostic services to uninsured women as a result of grants to the Breast Cancer Program; 32 breast cancers were detected from these services. 

What they’re saying: “The generous support to our Breast Cancer Program from Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer and Northside Hospital Foundation helps patients who would not otherwise be able to afford breast cancer screening and diagnostic services or travel to their appointments,” said Patti Owen, director of the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute.

  • "We greatly appreciate the grants from Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer and the Northside Hospital Foundation and to assist people who are uninsured,” said Venteria Knight, cancer screening & prevention coordinator, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. “This funding directly addresses insurance and financial barriers faced during the breast cancer screening process, and it allows those in need to proceed with their screenings as recommended by their physicians regardless of their income and insurance status."

To find out how you can receive services through Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s breast care grants, call 404-531-4444. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements. Services are available at select Northside locations, as well as aboard Northside’s ScreenAtlanta mobile mammography unit. Interpretation services are available upon request.

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