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Each month, Northside Hospital honors special nurses with DAISY Awards. Patients and their families, along with the nurses’ co-workers, have the chance to recognize nurses for care that makes a difference. 

Here are recent winners at Northside hospitals: 

Northside Hospital Atlanta 

NHA 2-Jennifer AccarinoFebruary 2024: Jennifer Accarino, R.N. 

What they said: “We had many amazing nurses, but one outshined the rest. Her kindness and compassion for my wife (were) undeniable. Her constant care was one thing; her above-and-beyond efforts were some I hadn’t seen before.” 

Northside Hospital Cherokee 

NHC 2-Michael MontenegroFebruary 2024: Michael Montenegro, R.N. 

What they said: “As the husband of the patient, I was impressed by how he treated my wife with dignity, compassion, warmth, tenderness, care and concern. … Hospitals can be scary, intimidating and isolating, but Michael made our experience one of comfort, friendliness and calm. What a blessing it was to have a great staff of nurses, but he definitely will never be forgotten.” 

NHC 3-Lori CiminoMarch 2024: Lori Cimino, R.N. 

What they said: “I am so grateful that such a sweet girl was here to spend this time with me. She only graduated from nursing school nine months ago but her level of professionalism, compassion and empathy not only speaks volumes of her character but is (also) a great testament to the wonderful job her parents did in raising such an amazing young lady.” 

NHC 4-Jessica JavedApril 2024: Jessica Javed, R.N. 

What they said: “If it had not been for Jessica double-checking my vitals and overall conditions as I was being prepped for discharge, I would have been back at our rural home 40 minutes away, and don’t think I would have survived a trip back to the ED (Emergency Department). I am so grateful to have had a nurse like Jessica who really cares for her patients’ well-being and quality of care.” 

Northside Hospital Duluth 

NHD 2-Patrick McleodFebruary 2024: Patrick Mcleod, R.N. 

What they said: “His fun, cheery personality and his amazing ability to connect with (the patient) made such an impression on our family. Patrick put forth great effort to keep her happy and comfortable so that she would undergo the necessary CT scans and other tests.” 

Northside Hospital Forsyth 

NHF 2-Grace CrossFebruary 2024: Grace Cross, R.N. 

What they said: “She truly was an angel who walked me through my concerns. … How lucky Northside is to have such a compassionate, thoughtful, dedicated employee and how blessed we were that she took her personal time to be our friend.” 

NHF 3-Yvonne BogleMarch 2024: Yvonne Bogle, R.N. 

What they said: “In caring and listening to the patient, she learned that this man lived alone and had a dog that he rescued. This dog was his best friend and his life. Yvonne too has a great love for animals. She went above and beyond in making arrangements with her family to take care of his dog.” 

Northside Hospital Gwinnett 

NHG 2-Soonam KimFebruary 2024: Soonam Kim, BSN, R.N., CCRN, PCCN, was nominated three times in a month. 

What they said: “Going through a quadruple bypass surgery is not fun. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But one of the blessings I received in going through this experience was the wonderful care I received from the nurses in this unit. … I was not always patient with her. But somehow, my own Florence Nightingale kept up a cheerful disposition.” 

  • “She exhibited patience, understanding, compassion, professionalism and deep concern, not only for my husband but also for myself. She was great at explaining things in terms that I could understand.” 
  • “My sister was critical. The care and quick response of this nurse helped save my sister’s life and was instrumental in her being moved to a step-down unit. … Her compassion was unparalleled!”

Learn how to nominate someone for the DAISY Award.


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