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Each month, Northside Hospital honors special nurses with DAISY Awards. Patients and their families, along with the nurses’ co-workers, have the chance to recognize nurses for care that makes a difference. 

Here are recent winners at Northside hospitals: 

Northside Hospital Atlanta 

March 2024: Sarah Margaret Mason, R.N.

What they said: “I’m exceedingly grateful that we were able to have a nurse like Sarah, and we will never forget the essential role she played in our experience that we will hold dear to our hearts for forever. She was truly an answered prayer and rightfully deserves her flowers – literally and figuratively.”

April 2024: Oscar Escobar, R.N.

What they said: “I had a liver resection. It was a really difficult time. The only thing I could feel was pain. Oscar was with me the night I consider the worst of my life. Even if I was in so much pain, I still remember how loving, caring and supportive he was.”

Northside Hospital Duluth 

April 2024: Andrea Belt, R.N.

What they said: “She spent her day off sitting and talking with my mom and dad about life to bring a sense of normalcy to this tough situation. Andrea is a blessing to the nursing profession and all of the patients she encounters.” 

Northside Hospital Forsyth 

April 2024: Keri Deegan, R.N.

What they said: “Keri was a beacon of support and strength. Her presence in the room was calming and comforting. She spoke to me with such gentleness and empathy, acknowledging my grief, shedding tears with me at times and allowing me to express my emotions freely. … Her kindness made a world of difference during this unimaginable time.”

Northside Hospital Gwinnett 

April 2024: Benjamin Harris-Smith, R.N., received four nominations. 

What they said: “My son has been in and out of hospitals since kidney failure in 2016. We’ve experienced the expertise — and lack of such — for over seven years. In all our hospital stays, this nurse ranks high above all the best that we’ve encountered.” 

  • “This nurse is the best ever! I have the pleasure of working with him and have never met a nurse as hard-working as him.”
  • “He is always there to help in any way and always makes time for patients.”
  • “I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional care and compassion this nurse provided during my time in the hospital.”

Learn how to nominate someone for the DAISY Award.


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