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Bethany’s story: Self-liberation through bariatric surgery

Bethany Hartman struggled with obesity since childhood, but she found hope and liberation through bariatric surgery. 

"In 2012, I was in a really bad car accident ... and at that point, I was already about 250 pounds,” Bethany said. 
Following the accident, Bethany found it increasingly difficult to engage in physical activities due to the pain, which led to a sedentary lifestyle. "My body kind of became a prison I was trapped in," she added. 

Witnessing the transformative journey of a friend who underwent similar struggles and successfully emerged from them, Bethany found renewed hope. "I saw her go from where she was, to being able to live life and be excited about living again. And I really wanted that for myself," Bethany recalled. 

The decision to undergo bariatric surgery marked a pivotal moment in her life. Supported by a compassionate and dedicated medical team, including surgeon Dr. Christopher Hart and the staff at Northside Hospital’s Surgery & Weight Management Program, she embarked on a journey toward a healthier, more fulfilling life. Bethany’s story captures the transformative effects of bariatric surgery, both physically and emotionally. 

"I don't just exist. At this point, I am able to participate in activities and try new things,” Bethany said. “I feel free, and that's a good feeling.” 

Watch Bethany’s remarkable journey of transformation and empowerment. 


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