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Christopher & Michelle's story: A life-changing transformation together

After 26 years of marriage, Marietta natives Christopher and Michelle Miller underwent another life-changing transformation together — bariatric surgery.  

The couple looked to Northside's Dr. Nathaniel Lytle for his expertise and results in bariatrics. 

In the year since their surgeries, Christopher and Michelle found a new love for life. Together, they have lost 224 pounds.

The couple attributes their weight loss success to the exceptional care they received at Northside, group therapy and support from Christopher’s mother, who used a portion of her retirement money to help her son and daughter-in-law live healthier lifestyles.

Christopher and Michelle are chronicling their lives after bariatric surgery in a three-part series. Watch parts one and two below. 



Stay tuned for more of Christopher and Michelle's bariatric journey.


Christopher and Michelle also were recently featured on FOX 5 Atlanta. 

Watch the full story here.

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