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Maggie’s story: Wiping away the tears

Every mom-to-be has a plan for delivery. Sometimes things change, and that’s what happened Maggie Corbin. 

Maggie had her baby girl last spring, saying she knew she was in great hands from the moment she walked into Northside Hospital Cherokee for her induction. 

“I told my nurses exactly what my ideal birth plan was and they made sure to try their absolute hardest to stick to it,” she said. 

8 Months“That night, baby Ryan started showing signs of distress and our night nurse, Caroline, was sitting by my side watching the monitors with me and explaining everything that was going on. When things started shifting, Dr. (Esther) Dorzin came in to talk to us about it being time for a C-section.” 

Maggie said she wanted a natural birth, rather than a Cesarean section, but said, “I knew they had me and my daughter! I felt so safe.” 

Ryan Bell Corbin was born at 5:49 a.m. Thursday, May 25, 2023. 

“My sweet nurse was there holding my hand and wiping my tears of fear and anxiety during the spinal and on the way to the operating room,” Maggie said. “After what felt like hours but was just a few minutes, Dr. Dorzin delivered our beautiful baby girl.” 

Maggie said Dr. Dorzin, of North Georgia OB/GYN Associates, “was so calm and knowledgeable with every question and concern I had.” In fact, Maggie said that was similar to what she saw across her Northside experience. 

“From the L&D (Labor and Delivery) floor to the mother/baby unit, everyone was the absolute best,” Maggie said. “I felt so safe and that I was in the best of hands. I was honestly sad to be discharged from the hospital because everyone was so sweet and helpful, and definitely helped settle the ‘first time parents’ nerves.” 

Now Maggie and her husband, Tyler, are settled into home in Ellijay as a family of three with Ryan. 

Maggie’s advice for new parents: “You can prepare and have the most perfect birth plan, but be open for that to change if it needs to. There are absolute angels that work at Northside, and I promise you they have your and your baby’s best interest at heart! Also, soak in every moment. Your baby is only little once, so take all the pictures and videos and enjoy the baby snuggles!” 

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