We all benefit from support during significant life changes and from sharing experiences with those who understand. Positive results often follow when encouragement is received. 

"It's not the destination, it's the journey. Support group has been a pivotal part of my journey since 2016. Meeting new people, enjoying our gatherings, and receiving endless encouragement—it's all part of the path to a healthier, fuller life," said Reba Carroll, an avid support group attendee at Northside. 

By attending support groups, you have the opportunity to hear from others who have taken bold steps in their health journeys, from skydiving to running marathons. These stories highlight what's possible when you're supported by a community that believes in your potential. 

"Every session is a reminder of how far I've come and what I'm capable of achieving next," said group member Tammy Bernard

If your weight loss surgery was performed at Northside Hospital's Atlanta, Cherokee, Duluth or Forsyth campuses, you can join monthly support group classes. Your surgeon also will collaborate with nutritionists, counselors and trainers to enhance your support throughout your weight loss journey. 

Begin the conversation today. Learn more about Northside's Surgery & Weight Management Program. 


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