Inside Northside's Interpretation Services

Discover the heartwarming world of language interpretation at Northside Hospital Cherokee. 

With over 7,100 languages spoken in the U.S., our in-house interpreters are dedicated to ensuring every patient receives the care they deserve, regardless of language barriers. They serve approximately 15 to 20 patients daily through in-person, video and phone interpretation. 

Learn about a typical day. From coordinating with nursing staff to accompanying patients through critical moments, our interpreters facilitate seamless communication and embody compassion — every interaction leaving a lasting impact. 

"I definitely see people at their lowest lows. I cry with some of our patients when they're told devastating diagnosis and I'm there to be happy and to cheer on moms who are bringing new life into this world," said foreign language medical interpreter Daniela De Alba. 

See the difference this team makes at Northside Hospital Cherokee, where every word translated is a bridge to better care and understanding.

Interpretation services are available at all Northside Hospital campuses. For more information, contact [email protected]


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