Northside 101: Seasonal affective disorder

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, millions of individuals in the U.S. experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

More prevalent in women and in northern regions of the country, SAD is often dismissed as the "winter blues" because it is a specific type of depression linked to seasonal changes, most commonly in fall or winter. 

In this video, Northside Hospital clinical psychologist Dr. Chantea Hall explains SAD's symptoms, including persistent sadness, lack of interest in enjoyable activities, fatigue, low energy and others. 

As days are shorter and darker in fall and winter, individuals may isolate themselves indoors, exacerbating SAD for some. Dr. Hall emphasizes the importance of seeking help if you experience any distressing mood changes affecting your personal, social or occupational functioning. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, call Northside Behavioral Health Services at 404-851-8960

You also can call or text 988 to access trained crisis counselors 24/7, or visit

Find more behavioral health resources. 


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