Skin cancer, if caught and treated early, is almost always curable. Getting to know your skin and checking it regularly through a monthly self-exam, coupled with a yearly skin exam by a doctor, is the best way to detect the main types of skin cancer, which include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

In this edition of Northside 101, surgical oncologist Dr. Nicole Kounalakis discusses skin cancer and the importance of a self-exam skin check.

Northside 101 is a series of interviews with Northside Hospital's experts, breaking down complex medical terms and procedures.

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Dr. Nicole Kounalakis

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Dr. Kounalakis is a board-certified and fellowship-trained surgical oncologist. Proficient in various surgical procedures to treat different types of malignancies, she specializes in wide local excision of melanoma, sentinel lymph node biopsy, completion lymph node dissections and resection of sarcomas. Her continued research focuses on improving oncologic outcomes in head and neck melanomas.

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