Northside 101: Weekend warrior syndrome

What is a weekend warrior? 

A weekend warrior is a person who participates in excessive amounts of physical activity in their spare time. 

Weekend warrior syndrome occurs due to inactivity during the week, leading to a deconditioned state during the weekend. The body is inadequately prepared to handle the demands of exercise over the weekend, which can lead to acute injuries such as ankle sprains, ligamentous injuries of the knees, and chronic and overuse injuries (tendonitis).

Those at most risk for developing weekend warrior syndrome are adults, typically middle-aged to older adults, who are sedentary during the week.

In this video, Dr. Torrance Laury, a non-operative sports medicine physician with Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute, shares tips on how to exercise properly and prevent weekend warrior injuries.

Northside 101 is a series where Northside Hospital experts break down complex medical terms and procedures. 

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Dr. Torrance Laury

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Dr. Torrance Laury is a board-certified physician in family medicine and is CAQ certified in sports medicine. His particular areas of interest are in injury prevention in youth sports, competitive gymnastics, arthritis and chronic injuries due to overuse. Dr. Laury serves as Assistant Program Director, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at Northside Hospital.

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