Northside supports local schools

Northside is active outside the walls of the hospital, giving back its communities. 

Through partnerships across north Georgia, Northside Hospital supports scholarship opportunities for the underprivileged and provides access to higher education that leads to career advancement within the medical field. 

“Our Northside Hospital partnership is one of the most important business relationships that we have as a district,” Debra Murdock, chief operations officer of the Cherokee County School District, said. 

“The Northside Hospital team, and especially our partners at Northside Hospital Cherokee, have been game-changers in taking care for the physical and mental health of our students and community. 

“From our sports athletic trainers to the speakers who come into our classrooms, to the partnerships and sponsorships of outstanding community events like our parent universities and everything in between we thank you Northside Hospital and thank you Northside Hospital Cherokee.” 

Northside is committed to support and nurture organizations that influence education through teaching, advocacy, and public service. Working with education partners, Northside strives to lay the groundwork for well-educated and effectively trained young people. 

Learn more about Northside’s education partnerships.


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