Dr. Nicole Kounalakis, a surgical oncologist with Northside Melanoma & Sarcoma Specialists of Georgia, delves into skin cancer screening. 

Skin cancer screening is a crucial preventative measure that can help detect skin cancer at an early stage when it is most treatable. Self-examinations at home are important, allowing individuals to monitor any changes in their skin between professional screenings. Early detection through screening significantly increases the chances of successful treatment and can prevent the cancer from spreading. 

It's recommended that individuals with a history of skin cancer or excessive sun exposure get screened more frequently. Skin cancer screening is about identifying existing cancers and educating patients on protecting their skin from harmful UV rays. By incorporating regular skin cancer screenings into routine health care, individuals can take proactive steps toward maintaining their overall health.

Take the first step toward early detection and prevention. Talk with your health care provider about what cancer screenings are right for you.

Find a provider and learn where you can schedule a screening.

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Dr. Nicole Kounalakis

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Dr. Kounalakis is a board-certified and fellowship-trained surgical oncologist. Proficient in various surgical procedures to treat different types of malignancies, she specializes in wide local excision of melanoma, sentinel lymph node biopsy, completion lymph node dissections and resection of sarcomas. Her continued research focuses on improving oncologic outcomes in head and neck melanomas.

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