Northside Hospital recently recognized five nurses as winners of the October 2023 DAISY Awards for care and kindness.  

Winners were: (as pictured l-r)

Patients or their loved ones, or other hospital employees, nominate nurses for their compassionate care. 

“He took care of me medically, mentally and compassionately,” Cowan’s nomination said. “This young man would look me straight in my eyes while holding my eyes and tell me I was going to be just fine, and I felt his genuine concern and believed he was right.” 

The nomination for Mrache said, “Her professionalism, expertise, compassion and effective communication skills truly set them apart. Marge is a shining example of the vital role nurses play in the health care system.” 

Cornelison “cares wholeheartedly for her patients and shows it, not just with her words, but her actions,” her nomination said.

“Over the past few weeks, I have been honored to witness some truly inspiring interactions between her and our patients — some of which weren’t even hers.” 

The child of a Northside Forsyth patient said Achim showed interest that made a difference: “He spent time talking to my dad about being Sicilian and the things going on in the world. My mom was always asking where Robert was and was thankful for his ‘special cocktail’ that helped her feel better. He went above and beyond with the care he gave not only to my mom but to all of the patients that he cares for.” 

Abraha helped one patient make a big recovery, according to her nomination letter. “To see the light in the family come back when their loved one started to improve was beautiful, and that can certainly be accredited to this nurse,” the nomination said. 

The DAISY Award is an international recognition program started in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Barnes’ family experienced first-hand the difference his nurses made in his care through clinical excellence and outstanding compassionate care. The family created The DAISY Award to express gratitude to nurses and to enable other patients, families, and staff to thank and honor their special nurses. 

The award is presented monthly to recognize and honor a nurse for the extraordinary acts of compassionate care and outstanding service provided to the patient. DAISY nurses make special connections and significantly make a difference in the lives of patients and families. 

Learn how to nominate a Northside nurse for the DAISY Award.

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