Northside honors November DAISY winners

Northside Hospital recently recognized four registered nurses for their care and kindness with the DAISY Award. 

The November 2023 winners were: (pictured l-r) 

Brady Sideris, RN, Northside Atlanta 4 Central 

A relative of a patient wrote of Sideris, “He treated my grandmother like his own family. … I think it speaks volumes that Brady is still at the bedside after his nine years of experience. He has served as a charge nurse but prefers to be by the bedside. Brady emulates all of Northside’s service standards with his excellent professionalism, communication, responsiveness, ownership and accountability, care and compassion and commitment to co-workers.” 

Destiny Wooten, RN, Northside Cherokee Acute Surgery Unit 

“She was informative and covered all of her bases,” a patient who nominated Wooten said. “I have been working with health care individuals for most of my career. What they do is hard. I believe that Destiny, as an individual, has natural gifts. These gifts allow her to save and heal people.” 

Julia Shikmetoff, RN, Northside Forsyth 7 Tower 

A two-time patient wrote, “Julia, if you ever wonder about the impact you make on a life, then hold onto this: You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Someone smiled on me that day. To have had you by my side was the gift. I have no doubt you are my guardian angel.” 

Kelly Gilliard, RN, Northside Gwinnett Emergency Department OBS/7 South 

Gilliard’s nomination said, “Northside should be so honored that she chose to work at their hospital. During my husband’s most recent admission, she was the epitome of all the best characteristics of a nursing professional. … She made my husband feel so comfortable and at ease with the difficult time he was having through her patience and willingness to help him feel as comfortable as possible.” 

Patients or their loved ones, or other hospital employees, nominate nurses for their compassionate care. 

The DAISY Award is presented monthly to recognize and honor nurses for the extraordinary acts of compassionate care and outstanding service they provide to patients. DAISY nurses make special connections and significantly make a difference in the life of patients and families. 

Learn how to nominate a Northside nurse for the DAISY Award. 

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