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Northside Hospital Cancer Institute stands as one of the premier multiple myeloma cancer centers in the U.S., boasting one of the largest and most comprehensive blood cancer programs in the Southeast. 

Multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting plasma cells in bone marrow, weakens the immune system and presents symptoms such as bone pain, kidney failure, bone fractures and an increased risk of infection. 

Treatment advancements: "We've seen significant strides in multiple myeloma treatment over the past 10-15 years," said Dr. Lizamarie Bachier, an attending physician with the Northside’s blood and marrow transplant and hematologic malignancy programs. 

Northside is one of three treatment centers in Georgia and among select centers in the nation offering CAR T-cell therapy, one of the most promising cellular-based cancer immunotherapies available, for the treatment of multiple myeloma. 

"With novel therapies and strategies, someone with early-stage standard risk now has a very long life expectancy."

Exceptional care and support: Dr. Bachier added that Northside's Blood Cancer Program stands out for its quality measures and outcomes. 

"Our commitment extends beyond treatment. We prioritize seamless communication with referring physicians.” 

Recognized as "High Performing" for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma in U.S. News’ annual Best Hospitals list, Northside's multidisciplinary team comprises physicians from multiple subspecialties — including but not limited to oncology, cellular therapy, radiation oncology, orthopedics and nephrology — to deal with myeloma complications. The team is also supported by advanced practice providers, psychosocial therapists, dietitians, physical therapists and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the delivery of comprehensive care. Available round-the-clock, the team instills hope in patients facing otherwise incurable blood cancers. 

"Our goal is to ensure patients receive comprehensive and holistic support at every stage," said Dr. Bachier. 

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Confidence and dedication: Dr. Bachier's personal dedication to Northside's Blood Cancer Program reflects her unwavering confidence in its capabilities. "It's where quality care meets innovation," she affirmed. "Every patient deserves access to the best possible care and, at Northside, we're committed to making that a reality." 

Future outlook: Dr. Bachier envisions a future where more patients can benefit from groundbreaking treatments as Northside continues to advance multiple myeloma therapies. 

"We're not just treating diseases; we're transforming lives.” 

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