Urology Services - Men

Specialized Urology Care for Men’s Health

Northside Hospital has an entire team of specially trained urologists that provide quality care for any urologic condition that affects men’s health. In addition to treating clinical or functional issues of the male urinary tract, we provide expert diagnosis and treatment for men’s fertility and sexual health concerns. These issues can make life difficult – and are hard to discuss, but our team can help. If you are experiencing problems that affect your daily life – or your ability to enjoy life, don’t hesitate to reach out for solutions. 

Expertise in the Treatment of Any Urologic Disease or Condition 

Urologists at Northside Hospital provide expert care for any urologic condition, including the most advanced capabilities. We offer innovative urologic surgery capabilities, including robotic surgery.  Northside Hospital is in the top 10% in the nation for robotic prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer. These robotic surgery options offer men a faster recovery with improved outcomes.

To provide improved health and long-term wellness, our team has the experience and expertise to diagnose accurately – and find the best treatment – for any urology condition, including:

Improved Health Begins With a Conversation

We understand that men’s health issues can be hard to talk about, but to begin effective treatment, we need to understand your symptoms and concerns. Begin a conversation with your primary care physician – or make an appointment with one of our board-certified urology specialists at Northside Hospital. Your improved health and wellness shouldn’t wait.