Weight Management Services

Comprehensive Weight Management Solutions

Is your weight holding you back from living the life you want? For any age and any need, Northside Hospital has a weight management program that can help you take back control. We have an entire team of weight management specialists to help you find the solutions that work best for your personal goals and long-term wellness, including: 

Understand What is in Your Control – and What is Not

Diet and exercise alone aren’t always enough. If you have struggled with weight management over the years, Northside Hospital can help you understand the reasons for weight gain. We have weight management specialists who can identify underlying conditions that may be causing weight gain or hampering your ability to lose weight– such as a slow metabolism due to thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, hormonal conditions or fluid retention due to kidney issues.  

Bariatric Surgery Expertise at Northside Hospital

If conventional weight management programs have not proven successful and you struggle with severe obesity, bariatric surgery may be an option for you. As an accredited bariatric surgery center with a team of specially trained bariatric certified surgeons, we have the expertise necessary to care for every aspect of bariatric patients’ needs – from your bariatric surgery planning through surgery and on to post-bariatric surgery care and wellness. Start the conversation and see if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery.  

Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss Program

Our clinically proven, physician-supervised medical weight loss program helps patients understand their metabolic patterns and how a few changes can have a positive and lasting impact on their health. We know behavior patterns impact health and wellness, so we provide life coaching classes to assist with lifestyle modification and behavior changes. At Northside Hospital, our team of weight management physicians, dietitians, exercise specialists and behavioral health specialists help our participants reach and maintain their weight loss goals. 

Specialized Weight Management for Teens 

Youth today continue to struggle with weight gain – about 15% of our nation’s children are clinically obese. Changing negative habits early in life – and establishing positive eating habits and an active lifestyle – can lead to lifelong improved health and fitness. Learn more about our physician supervised and family-centered Wellness 180 Program for youth 11-17 years of age.  

Live Your Best Life

If excess weight is affecting your best life – or leading to life-threatening issues such as diabetes or heart disease, talk to one of our weight specialists at Northside Hospital. Don’t let weight issues affect your quality of life when expert guidance is just a call away at one of our convenient locations. 

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