Bariatric Program Requirements

Are You a Candidate for Bariatric or Metabolic Weight Management?

You are an ideal candidate for one of our weight management programs if you:

  • Have decided that you want to change your life and improve your health 
  • Want to get down on the floor to play with the kids and get up with ease
  • Want to feel confident about your appearance for personal and professional reasons
  • Want to stop dreading plane rides and movies out just because the seats don’t fit comfortably
  • Want to stop taking medications for everything from arthritis to high cholesterol
  • Want to be healthy and happy

Eligibility Requirements for Surgical Bariatric Procedures

Undergoing a weight loss surgery is not a quick fix. It also has potential risks. The options available at Northside Hospital are intended for patients that have a long history of obesity and whose efforts to lose weight have resulted in repeated failure and frustration. 

Below are general guidelines for surgical bariatric procedures we offer at Northside Hospital. These are general guidelines and all options should be discussed with your health care provider to determine your best option.

Bariatric Procedure

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator and Additional Qualifications

Gastric BalloonBMI of 30-40
Adjustable Gastric BandBMI ≥ 40 OR BMI ≥ 30 with at least 1 or more obesity-related medical conditions
Sleeve/BypassBMI ≥ 40 OR BMI ≥ 30 with at least 1 or more obesity-related medical conditions
Duodenal SwitchBMI ≥ 45

Eligibility Requirements for Medical Weight Loss Management

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • BMI of 30 or a BMI of 27 with medical risks (i.e., hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, reflux)
  • Cannot be pregnant or become pregnant while in the program

Teen Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Qualifications

Weight loss surgery is a good option for teens who have been unsuccessful with non-surgical methods of weight loss and who meet the program requirements.

  • Age 15-17
  • BMI > 35 with a major co-morbidity such as type 2 diabetes, moderate to severe sleep apnea, etc
  • BMI > 40 with other co-morbidities such as hypertension, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, substantially impaired quality of life, elevated cholesterol or sleep apnea
  • Reached physical maturity
  • Participation in a six month supervised program to include monthly visits with the dietitian, adolescent psychologist and exercise specialist
  • Demonstrate commitment to program requirements
  • Adolescent must be able to provide informed decision/assent (possesses cognitive, social and emotional development)
  • Must have supportive and committed family environment

Teen Bariatric Medical Weight Loss Program (Wellness 180) Qualifications

Patients must be 11-17 years of age AND meet the following criteria:

  • Have a BMI (body mass index) in the 95th percentile or the 85th percentile with a co-morbid condition, like the following:
    • High cholesterol
    • High blood pressure
    • Pre-diabetes
    • Sleep apnea
    • Depression

BMI Calculators

You can use our BMI calculator for adults or teens to determine your BMI before scheduling an appointment with one of our bariatric specialists.

Are you ready for weight loss surgery?

For people who have been obese for years, the decision to undergo weight loss surgery or other bariatric procedures is life changing. Surgical and non-surgical weight loss options are designed to treat obesity by changing the amount of food a person can consume and, therefore, reducing the amount of food a patient needs to feel satisfied. A few of Northside’s Center for Weight Loss patients discuss their journey.

For More Information or Questions

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