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It's time to #TalkAboutIt

Life for women has changed drastically over the past year, and you might not be OK right now. You might be spread too thin and struggling to take time for yourself.

Northside is here to support you by starting a conversation around your well-being and the care that can support it. We’re here to give you a safe space to prioritize your health, which so many women haven’t been able to do during the pandemic. Millions are going through similar struggles and we’re here to remind you that you’re not alone. So, let’s talk about it, together.

Listen to Northside Cardiologist Dr. Michele Voeltz

The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown on KISS 104.1 featured Dr. Michele Voeltz, cardiologist with Northside Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, to discuss the importance of self-care for women.

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Women's Health in the News

COVID Led More Women to Forgo Needed Health Care

Morgan Tebeau has struggled with debilitating back pain all of her adult life. The 38-year-old mother from Harrisonburg, VA, was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease when she was 18 years old. Her pain worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic...

4 Things To Do Now If You Haven't Seen A Doctor The Whole Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic forced many of us to recalibrate our routines in order to protect ourselves and others. That meant staying home most of the time and forgoing otherwise necessary doctors’ appointments, like annual physicals and follow-ups...

Link between depression and heart disease cuts both ways

The day 23-year-old Jordan Chaffiotte was discharged from the hospital following her successful open-heart surgery should have been a happy one. A cause for celebration. Instead, she found herself sobbing in the living room with her parents...

Cancer Trends: How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Cancer Screening?

Last March, when the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic, many medical facilities shuttered themselves to everyone but those suffering from the virus or in need of necessary medical care...

NBC News: More screen time, more takeout, less 'mom guilt': How the pandemic changed parenting.

More than a year into the pandemic, the way we parent has changed, with mothers, in particular, saying they are allowing their kids — and themselves — a break from the busy schedules they once embraced.

Women Now Drink As Much As Men — Not So Much For Pleasure, But To Cope

For nearly a century, women have been closing the gender gap in alcohol consumption, binge-drinking and alcohol use disorder.

How to Embrace Solitude, According to a Long-Distance Sailing Expert

Being alone can mean peace and satisfaction. Solitude can be a choice. If you find yourself resisting solitude, there are ways to learn to embrace it and reap the benefits of quality time alone.

Pandemic Takes a Toll on Women's Mental Health

The pandemic has caused loss, stress, and unemployment for people all over the world. However, women—mothers in particular—are experiencing the effects to a higher degree.

#HealthyAtHome - Looking After Our Mental Health

As countries introduce measures to restrict movement as part of efforts to reduce the number of people infected with COVID-19, more and more of us are making huge changes to our daily routines.

Breast Cancer's Spread Is More Likely in Black Women, Study Finds

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, Black women face a greater risk of having the disease spread to distant sites in the body — a disparity that is not readily explained, researchers say.

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding: A Message for Patients

Experts are learning more every day about the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is following the situation closely. This page features COVID-19 FAQs for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

Painful Endometriosis Could Hold Clues To Tissue Regeneration, Scientist Says

It's estimated that one in 10 women experience endometriosis during their reproductive years, a condition where cells that line the uterus go rogue by moving to other organs, taking root and spreading there, leading to terrible pain.

Mammography Screening Disparities Expand During COVID-19

Screening mammography utilization dropped the most during the pandemic for women in racial and ethnic minority groups, as well as those who live in rural communities and those who have a lower socioeconomic status.

Mental Health Awareness Month Continues: A Silver Lining Of The Pandemic

The human and economic cost of the pandemic has undeniably been high. Yet if any good has come from this crisis, we have a heightened awareness of the multiple facets of well-being. We understand that mental health is just as critical as physical health.

Atlanta-Based OB-GYN Specialist Discusses Vaccine Hesitancy Among Women

Dr. Genevieve Fairbrother of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Atlanta, who describes COVID-19 as challenging and lonely, says she gets emotional seeing people suffer — and she and her team have been working to combat misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Two Studies Hint At Why Covid May Hit Some Women Harder And Longer

New research opens a window on why women with a little known circulation disorder or who have polycystic ovary syndrome may suffer more severe covid symptoms.

There Are 2 Stages of Grief, and Millions of Americans Are Now Entering the Second One—Here's What That Means

It's not just the death of a loved one from COVID-19 that people are grieving. The pandemic has also caused many Americans to lose a job, a house, or marriage—not to mention a whole way of life.

How the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way Americans think about pregnancy

For the sixth year in a row, Americans had fewer children, and births in the U.S. decreased by 4 percent compared to 2019. The new numbers released by the CDC last Wednesday signaled the continuation of a trend that first began following the 2008...

Work and social strain increase women's risk of coronary heart disease

It is of note that a disproportionately large number of participants in the study were white and held more than a high school diploma. The team’s findings may also be impacted by the “healthy worker bias,” according to which people who are less healthy...

Addressing Sleep Could Help Women Avoid Weight Gain During Menopause

Addressing sleep symptoms during menopause may reduce susceptibility to weight gain, according to a small study presented virtually at ENDO 2021, the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting...

Self-care Tips

  1. Acknowledge that you are overwhelmed.
  2. Give yourself some grace.
  3. Have realistic expectations.
  4. If possible, spend some time on a porch, in the back yard, a balcony, or wherever you can safely expose yourself to sunshine.
  5. Seek reassurance from the people in your life that are supportive. It is OK to set limits and avoid those people who are not.
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Our Partners


As Georgia's leader in women's health services, Northside Hospital enjoys partnerships with many of the state's top voices on women's issues. Some are directly involved in providing care, while others are strong advocates for family relations, economic opportunities, and social justice. In our effort to encourage women to #TalkAboutIt, these organizations are listening to the conversations being led by Georgia's women - and Northside is proud to support the resources they are providing as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.

Take some time to learn more about them here.

American Heart Association Logo

For nearly 100 years, The American Heart Association has been fighting heart disease and stroke, striving to save and improve lives. Their mission is to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

The Atlanta Women's Foundation Logo

As the only public foundation in Georgia dedicated solely to women and girls, The Atlanta Women’s Foundation’s mission is to be a catalyst for change in the lives of women and girls. They strive to ensure that all women and girls in metro Atlanta live safe, economically self-sufficient, successful lives.

Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance Logo

The mission of the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance (GOCA) is to increase awareness and educate women, their families, as well as the healthcare community about risks, symptoms, and treatment of ovarian cancer leading to earlier detection.

Good Samaritan Health Center Logo

Good Samaritan Health Center (Atlanta)

Good Samaritan Health Center is working to remove the barriers preventing low-income families from obtaining access to quality healthcare in the Atlanta area. Good Samaritan Health Center's services include medical, dental, behavioral, nutrition/health education, and wellness.

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Logo

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia exists to improve maternal and infant health through advocacy, education and access to vital resources. Since 1974, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia has been the strongest statewide voice for improved access to healthcare and health outcomes for Georgia’s mothers and babies.

March of Dimes Logo

March of Dimes

March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. They support research, lead programs and provide education and advocacy so that every mom and baby can have the best possible start.

Partnership Against Domestic Violence Logo

Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV)

The mission of Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) is to end the crime of intimate partner violence and empower its survivors. PADV is the largest non-profit domestic violence organization in Georgia providing professional, compassionate, and empowering support to battered women and their children in Metro Atlanta.

Rainbow Village Logo

Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village strives to transform the lives of families experiencing homelessness by providing hope, housing and healing in order to instill initiative, self-development and accountability that will foster meaningful growth in the lives of each person that encounters their organization.

Susan G. Komen Logo

Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta

Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta is the largest breast cancer-specific organization in the Southeast. They are the only organization with a 360-degree approach to fighting breast cancer on all fronts. They fund life-changing research, advocate for compassionate public policy and patient rights, empower people with fact-based information, ensure access to care, and provide the treatment assistance and emotional support patients need.

Additional Resources

Women's Health at the CDC
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