Excellence at Heart: Women’s Heart Health at Northside

At Northside Hospital Heart Institute, we’ve assembled a world-class team of heart disease experts with diverse cardiovascular knowledge and specific experience helping women manage heart and vascular issues. Our team provides heart care that is personal, professional, and comprehensive, managing all of your heart health needs. We support you through every aspect of clinical care, working together to understand your personal goals and preferences to improve your heart health and wellness.

Experts In Your Long-Term Heart Care Needs

You have the collaborative strength of highly specialized cardiologists, electrophysiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardiac rehabilitation specialists at Northside who will treat, monitor and manage your care for a lifetime. With our expertise of heart issues in women, we know you can live an active, healthier life and we are prepared to help you do just that.

Cardiovascular Disease Support Services

Cardiovascular disease is something every woman should be aware of because it is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Our Northside Hospital team of heart specialists are dedicated to educating women about their heart health with comprehensive support services, including:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation: Supervised by exercise physiologists, cardiac rehab includes education and exercise to help you improve your quality of life.
  • Nutrition:  Our staff dietitians evaluate your personal dietary needs and advise you on the right foods to help you manage your health.
  • Diabetes Education: Because many women with cardiovascular disease also have diabetes, our Certified Diabetes Educators and Registered Dietitians teach our patients the skills to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Our goal is your goal – to improve your heart condition and avoid diabetes complications.
  • Behavioral Health: We have an entire team of board-certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers and psychiatric nurses to offer support, provide encouragement and empower women during their path to wellness.
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services: Heart issues in women require a prescribed exercise regimen for optimal healing. Pulmonary Rehab is specifically designed and individually tailored to provide education, exercise and support to women with heart-related breathing difficulties.
  • Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Program: Heart disease in women is often triggered by a lifetime of cigarette smoking. Northside Hospital offers a smoking cessation program to help women quit smoking and using other forms of tobacco to improve their health.
  • A Wellness Place: With several convenient locations, A Wellness Place at Northside provides much-needed health care products for women with custom-fitted and ready-to-wear clothing for vascular patients.

Understanding Heart Issues in Women

Women sometimes have different symptoms than men with heart disease, including shortness of breath, indigestion, nausea and pain in the back or jaw. The most important thing for your health is to listen to your body and see a specialist if you have any unusual symptoms. Heart issues are very serious, even life-threatening, and can include the following conditions:

Learn More About Our Heart Disease Services for Women at Northside

Northside Hospital is a leader in heart disease and research, specifically for women. We offer innovative treatment protocols and wellness plans for optimal heart health. Our teams provide best-in-class access to clinical trials, introducing novel treatments never before used that are helping women have better access to life-changing treatment options for cardiovascular disease.