Northside partnering with Susan G. Komen to expand breast cancer screening in Atlanta

Komen’s Patient Care Center offers no-cost, breast cancer screening and diagnostics services in 12 U.S. cities

Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, is expanding its screening and diagnostics program from nine cities to 12. Now, income-eligible residents from Dallas, Los Angeles and Memphis also can access no-cost, breast cancer screening and diagnostic services. Atlanta, Chicago, Fort Worth, Houston, Madison, WI, Marshfield, WI, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, and Washington D.C. are the other cities where the program is already operating.

Northside Hospital is one of the two Atlanta health care systems partnering with Susan G. Komen.

"The Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Program is proud of the longstanding partnership we have had with Susan G. Komen, working together to bring breast cancer screenings to our community, reducing health disparities and saving lives," said Emily M. Beard, program coordinator for breast cancer and GYN oncology, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute.

Northside is among the largest breast cancer programs in the country and one of the nation’s leading providers of breast cancer diagnostic and treatment services. The health system offers high-definition 3D mammography imaging to patients at all breast imaging locations.

"This new program with Komen is one more innovative way that we are stronger together as we continue to reduce barriers to care and help Atlanta area women access timely breast imaging and treatment," Beard added.

“The screening and diagnostics program is critical for individuals who may have been putting off their breast cancer screening due to concerns about cost,” said Victoria Wolodzko Smart, senior vice president of mission at Susan G. Komen. “Early detection saves lives, and cost should not be a barrier to accessing high-quality health care services for anyone in need. Through expanding this program, we are breaking down barriers for more people.”

Susan G. Komen LogoThe Komen screening and diagnostics program is a service provided through the Komen Patient Care Center. Individuals who meet income qualifications will be able to access no-cost breast cancer screening mammograms and necessary diagnostic follow-up tests. They will receive a voucher and be connected to a local health system that has partnered with Komen to provide the services.

Last year, Susan G. Komen provided nearly 3,000 screening and diagnostics services. Now, with the voucher program, Komen hopes to serve another 3,000 individuals in 2023.

“The screening and diagnostics program is active in the 10 metropolitan areas where the breast cancer mortality gap between Black and white women is the greatest.” says Cati Diamond Stone, vice president of community health at Susan G. Komen. “As part of Komen’s work to achieve health equity for all, we are eliminating barriers for people who cannot get timely, and high-quality health care they need.”

Income eligible people seeking access to a breast cancer screening mammogram or diagnostic service should contact the Komen Breast Care Helpline at 1-877-465-6636 or [email protected] to learn more.

Read the full news release from Susan G. Komen.

Learn more about breast cancer screening and diagnosis at Northside.


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