Ophthalmology (Eye) Surgery

Northside Hospital eye specialists (ophthalmologists) work in a range of innovative ways to diagnose and treat eye conditions, from routine problems to rare and complex cases.

Northside combines expert care, the latest in diagnostic and surgical technologies and the ease and convenience of an efficient outpatient facility to offer specialized surgical treatments for many eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma,  macular degeneration, cancer of the eye and diseases of the eyelids, retina, cornea, and inside of the eye (vitreous).


Cataracts affect nearly 22 million Americans age 40 and older. By age 80, more than half of all Americans have cataracts. For patients suffering from cataracts and other eye diseases such as glaucoma, surgery has undergone tremendous technological advances in recent years.  Cataract correction surgery and new lens technology help patients to see more clearly.

Northside Hospital offers the latest technology and advances to treat cataract patients including the Femtosecond laser-assisted surgery, also called “bladeless cataract surgery.” This advanced technology operates with unmatched precision and computer-control, helping surgeons customize the procedure to the patient’s eye. It can be used to more precisely correct astigmatism, as well as on cornea cuts and capsulotomies.


Almost 2.3 million Americans age 40 and older are affected by glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness in the world. Early detection and treatment are the keys to preventing optic nerve damage and vision loss from glaucoma. Ophthalmologic surgeons at Northside are pioneers in the development and use of technology to treat glaucoma.

Surgeons at Northside were the first in Georgia to perform a trabeculectomy, performed with the Trabectome, which restores the eye’s natural plumbing system, helps it to function better, and prevent further damage to the eye.

Northside also offers the iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass stent, a proven, safe, and effective method to create a permanent opening in the trabecular meshwork. iStent® is a tiny stent that creates a permanent tunnel for fluid drainage to help control eye pressure and spares important eye tissue that may be damaged by traditional surgeries.  More iStent procedures are performed at Northside Hospital than anywhere else in Georgia.

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