Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Total Joint Replacement Surgical Expertise

Our team of advanced joint surgery specialists at Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute provides expert total joint surgery care. As a leader in the field, Northside Hospital offers the most board-certified and fellowship-trained joint replacement surgeons in the region – and the only dedicated joint replacement surgery center in the nation. Designed explicitly for outpatient joint replacement surgery, our Advanced Center for Joint Surgery, as well as other convenient locations across our system of care, provide comprehensive care for any joint replacement surgery, including:  

Dedicated Joint Replacement Protocols Designed to Get You Home Faster 

With quality care, patient safety and efficient recovery as our priorities, our team of joint replacement surgeons and specialized joint replacement surgical nursing staff optimize surgery for our patients. 

We implement dedicated joint replacement protocols, including the use of  Force Therapeutics technology, so nearly 90% of our patients can go home the same day of their surgery. Our app-based technology allows your surgical team to monitor your progress and healing while you recover at home. 

Complete Care and Support to Keep You Moving

Our team of orthopedic surgical specialists at Northside Hospital provides comprehensive care and dedicated support through every aspect of your joint replacement surgery – for improved mobility, less pain and enhanced wellness. We first check your overall health, making sure you are ready for surgery, and we conduct convenient pre-surgery assessments by phone. Good physical and cardiovascular fitness will lead to successful surgery and recovery. 

We also prepare our patients carefully with what to expect before and after surgery, through helpful patient resources, focusing on your specific needs and lifestyle. For optimal recovery, Northside has a dedicated team of orthopedic rehabilitation specialists that will help restore function, flexibility and strength to your joint and muscles.