FOX 5: Life-threatening pregnancy complications began days after giving birth for Georgia mom

These days, La'Keshia Stewart Baker says her life is good.

"I have an amazing, phenomenal husband," Baker says. "And, I'm a new mom to a beautiful 3-month-old baby."

The 38-year-old Lawrenceville makeup artist is now the mother of four boys.

During her last pregnancy with Denim 6 years ago, Baker says she had symptoms of high blood pressure, like headaches, swelling, feeling dizzy.

"But, with this pregnancy, oh, my goodness, It was too rough," Baker says.  "I was like, 'What is going on?' I couldn't get my blood pressure, they couldn't get it, to regulate with medications or anything."

After Legend was born December 8, 2021, at Northside Gwinnett, Baker's blood pressure was borderline high, but nothing alarming.

So, she was discharged. 

But, within days, the swelling and symptoms returned.

FOX 5 Atlanta's Medical Team spoke with La'Keshia about what happened next and her advice for other women.

Watch the full story here.


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