11Alive: New nurse looks forward to joining sister's side at Northside

Jenny Andris has worked for a decade as a nurse at Northside Hospital. Now, her younger sister joins her side.

For one nurse, caring for the moms and new babies in labor and delivery at Northside Hospital is a passion, a passion found in her own family's experience.

"I think I probably have the best job in the world," Jenny Andris said with a smile.

The decision to work in the hospital wings is rooted in her personal experience.

"I was entering high school when my mom was diagnosed for the first time," Andris said. "I got to see the role that Northside provided in her care, and I got to see how the nurses and the doctors, techs, everyone kind of helped her through that journey."

Such time spent at Northside inspired Andris to pursue nursing. But turns out, it's a bit of a family calling.

"At such a formative age that's kind of all I knew was caretaking and health care involved in our family," Amy Tortoriello, Andris' sister said, recalling her mother's diagnosis and treatment. "It's really all I grew up knowing."

Now, a decade after Andris, Tortoriello will also join the ranks of Northside nurses. 

11Alive spoke with the sisters.

Watch the full story here.


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