A wide range of services is available at the Northside Gwinnett Outpatient Center, which recently celebrated its opening. 

The center is located at 665 Duluth Highway, Suite 600, Lawrenceville. 

What we offer: Patients will have access to the services needed to continue the journey from hospitalization to recovery with a continuum of care in a number of services. 

At the new facility, Northside offers outpatient rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, a physician-led wound treatment center and an onsite lab to complete all major collection needs. 

Patients can work on their physical therapy, speech language pathology, audiology or occupational therapy, or get help in a variety of specialty services.

What’s unique: At the Northside Gwinnett Outpatient Center, patients will find brand-new facilities with a multidisciplinary approach in a single location, as well as the only truly neuro-based team where a patient can have a multidisciplinary approach to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology.

Patients are seen in acute care by teams that communicate and collaborate with the outpatient teams that work with them in the Northside Glancy Rehabilitation Center and Northside Hospital system.

What they’re saying: Here is a sample of feedback from recent patients:

  • “After my cardiac event, I worried if I could get back to my normal life, but the cardiac rehab team helped me regain my strength and confidence to return to my physically demanding job.”
  • “I have had this wound for over a year and the team at the wound treatment center got it healed.”
  • “Thanks to the wonderful therapist at Northside Hospital Gwinnett, I am finally able to keep up with my grandkids again.”
  • “A lot changed in our lives after my dad’s stroke. The neuro team at Northside Hospital Gwinnett was so helpful in all of the areas he needed. Our family is thankful for everything they did to help us all regain some normalcy.”

For more information: Learn more about the Northside Gwinnett Outpatient Center.


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