Elementary K-5


Net Safe Navigators (Grades 3-5)

The Internet is a big part of our students daily lives. Keeping our students safe is a priority. In cooperation with law enforcement, this class offers an array of rules to abide by while surfing the net.

Buddy Not Bully (Grades K-5)

The pressure of "fitting in" can sometimes be very stressful. Students will explore the effects that bullying has one themselves and others. They will also learn alternative methods for coping with conflicts.

Nutrition Nation (Grades K-5)

As students grow, their bodies need the proper nutrition to keep their minds working their best. This class challenges students to make good food choices so that they can become healthy learners.

Happy Hands (Grades K-2)

This class teaches students proper hand washing techniques and its importance in fighting the spread of germs and viruses.

Squeaky Clean Hygiene (Grades 3-5)

This classes discusses the importance of daily personal hygiene and how personal appearance and cleanliness affect self esteem.

Fitness Fun (Grades K-5)

Today's students spend too much time on electronic devices, and it leads to developing unhealthy behaviors. This classes is designed to encourage movement and exercise by making exercise fun.

Safe Summer(Grades K-5)

Most accidental injuries happen during summer months. Students will engage in safety precautions for sun exposure, water safety, heat related injuries and bike safety to help make a safe summer.

House Rules (Grades K-5)

Home is supposed to be a safe place, but danger is everywhere. Students will learn about common household poisons, kitchen safety, strangers and much more.

Tooth Truth (Grades K-2)

This class offers students oral hygiene tips and tricks. They will learn the importance of cavity prevention, dental visits and how important healthy teeth are to overall wellbeing.

Drug Free Me (Grades 4-5)

Experimental drug use among elementary students is on the rise. This class offers a real life perspective on smoking, drug and alcohol use. The student will explore the effect on the body, and the consequences that follow.