Middle School 6-8


Drug Free Me

This class offers a real life perspective on smoking, drugs, and alcohol use. The student will explore the effects on the body on a cellular level and consequences of their choices made as young adults. 

Social Media Wave

The Internet is a big part of students lives. Keeping our students safe is a priority. In cooperation with the local law enforcement, this class offers tips and trick to be a model digital citizen and ways to avoid pitfalls of the social media world.

Buddy Not Bully

Bullying is a big issue for students today. The pressure of “fitting in” can sometimes be very stressful. Students will explore the effects bullying has on themselves and others. They will also learn ways to manage anger.

Nutrition Nation

As students grow, their bodies need good nutrition to keep the mind working at its best. This class challenges the students to make good food choices, to grow healthy learners.

Just Me! Managing Peer Pressure

The need students have to “fit in” is a growing concern. Each person is unique and talented in different ways. This class will discuss the personal, social, and emotional effects that a person may go through to find acceptance in others.