Bariatric Pre-Surgery Planning

Planning for Your Bariatric Surgery

Our team at the Center for Weight Management at Northside Hospital are glad you’re considering bariatric surgery. There are several steps you need to complete to ensure you have the most successful surgery possible. We do this to make sure you thoroughly understand how this surgery will impact your life, health and future.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Seminar 

Because we want to see you live a longer, healthier life, we want to meet you, talk to you and answer any questions you might have about bariatric surgery. This is why we ask each potential patient to attend a weight loss surgery seminar.

Once verified, we will contact you to discuss your surgery benefits and schedule a consultation with the surgeon. If your insurance carrier does not cover bariatric surgery, we offer several self-payment options, which we will be happy to discuss.


Having bariatric surgery means making a dedication to changing your life and your diet. Again, we want to get to know you so we can discuss realistic goals and walk you through every step of the process for the best possible outcome. You will meet with several individuals at the Center for Weight Management at Northside Hospital and undergo several evaluations, including:

  • A surgical consultation
  • Psychological evaluation
  • F.I.T. consultation (fitness evaluation)
  • A nutrition education session
  • At least one support group meeting

Medical Clearances

As with any surgery, patient safety is our top priority. We may ask you to obtain medical clearances per your surgeon’s instructions. Clearances may include:

  • Cardiac consultation
  • Gastroenterology consultation
  • Internal medicine consultation
  • Pulmonary consultation
  • Sleep study

Bariatric Pre-Surgical Workshop

Finally, before your surgery, we require you to attend a pre-surgical workshop to answer any last-minute questions you might have. We will also discuss your recovery time, follow-ups and everything else you can expect post-surgery.

We will also start you on a two-week pre-surgical liquid diet and have you meet with either our financial counselor or office coordinator for an estimate of fees due prior to surgery.

For More Information or Questions:

Atlanta: 404-845-5457
Cherokee: 770-244-2603 
Forsyth: 770-292-4726