Weight Loss Surgery Revision Options

Weight Loss Surgery is typically used as a tool for achieving long-term weight loss, but sometimes desired results are not achieved due to significant weight regain or complications. In these situations, revision surgery may be an option to help patients get back on track and resume their weight loss journey.

At the Center for Weight Management at Northside Hospital, we offer the following bariatric surgery revision options:

Revision of Gastric Band or Lap-Band

Gastric Band revision involves the removal of the band and a follow-up surgery three months after the removal of one of the following: Gastric Sleeve,  Gastric Bypass, or  Sleeve Gastrectomy with Duodenal Switch. Your  surgeon can discuss your options with you.

Revision of Gastric Bypass 

Gastric Bypass patients have the option of a revision of the pouch itself if it is enlarged or the pouch outlet is too wide. An X-ray study called an Upper GI will help your surgeon evaluate you for either of these conditions. An upper endoscopy procedure will also be performed for your surgeon to take a closer look at your anatomy to make a final diagnosis of the problem and determine the best course of action.

Revision of Gastric Sleeve 

There are three revision options for Gastric Sleeve patients – a re-sleeve operation, a re-sleeve with duodenal switch or a traditional Gastric Bypass surgery. A re-sleeve and a re-sleeve with duodenal switch involve making the stomach smaller again. With the duodenal switch option, a malabsorption feature is added. To determine if either of these options is necessary, your surgeon will perform a Volumetric CT Scan. The third option of a Gastric Sleeve procedure may be the best if you suffer from severe gastric reflux (GERD).

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