Gastric Sleeve Surgery Success

Jeff's Surgical Weight Loss Story

I have struggled with obesity my entire life. I knew that weight loss surgery was the only way I was going to win the battle. I decided to have gastric surgery in June 2010. I have since lost 140lbs and feel wonderful. Never could I have imagined having so much energy. Not being recognized by people I have known for most of my life makes me feel incredible.

Before surgery, I was taking numerous medications to control diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was preparing for a sleep study to find out what I was already sure I had—sleep apnea. These potentially fatal co-morbidities of obesity terrified me. Since the surgery, I no longer have diabetes, high cholesterol or symptoms of sleep apnea. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I now have a regular exercise routine, eat healthy foods and have much more energy. The decision to have weight loss surgery has changed my life in a measurable way. I have lost pounds and added years to my life!