Oncology Patient Navigation

Experienced guidance for the cancer journey

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute (NHCI) understands that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients and their families. Our patient navigation team is here to help. Team members are committed to providing patients with the support and guidance they need to navigate treatments, access support and survivorship resources and services, and address any barriers to care they may be facing.

The oncology patient navigation team can be a compassionate starting point for patients after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Team members include oncology nurse navigators, cancer care liaisons and an American Cancer Society patient resource navigator.

To speak with a patient navigation team member, please call 404-300-2800 or email [email protected].

Oncology Nurse Navigators

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute patient navigation team includes oncology nurse navigators, registered nurses with extensive cancer-related knowledge and training. Oncology nurse navigators serve as a personal resource for patients by providing them with clinical information and education. They are available to answer questions related to a patient’s cancer diagnosis, treatment options, and any side effects they may experience. Nurse navigators are trained to initiate and facilitate communication between patients and the various providers on their oncology care team. Our oncology nurse navigators also assist with providing access to emotional and psychological support, including referrals to appropriate support groups.

Cancer Care Liaisons

Cancer care liaisons, provide invaluable support to each patient during their cancer journey, They are non-clinical members of the oncology patient navigation team who have been trained to work with patients and their families to identify and address any barriers to care they may be facing. Cancer care liaisons also assist oncology nurse navigators by identifying patient concerns, providing referrals to appropriate support services, and introducing patients to beneficial services and activities during and after treatment.