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Georgia's Largest Cancer Network


With the most board-certified oncologists in Georgia, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute delivers the most powerful combination of doctors, treatment options, and support resources in the state. Each year, we diagnose and treat more new cases of cancer than any other community health system in Georgia.

World-Class Cancer Care Close to Home


Our elite team of experts are conveniently located throughout Georgia and care for patients with ANY type of cancer. As one of the nation's largest cancer programs,  we offer our cancer patients great strength in numbers: ranking in the top five in the nation for newly diagnosed and/or treated cancer cases, we are number one in Georgia for cancer surgeries, and we are the nation’s leading community cancer provider for several types of cancer.

As the statewide leader of the National Cancer Institute Oncology Research Program (NCORP), our patients also have access to groundbreaking clinical trials throughout Georgia.

95% of Our Patients Recommend Us

We offer our patients the best of all worlds. Not only do we provide academic-level expertise, but we do it within the convenient setting of a community cancer program. We are always here for our patients — both emotionally and physically — whenever and however they need us. That’s why 95% of cancer patients recommend Northside to family and friends.

We also believe that results matter. Some of our many achievements that indicate our commitment to providing you with highest quality cancer care include:  

  • Only blood and marrow transplant program in the U.S. in 2020 to exceed allogeneic transplant survival rates for 12 consecutive years.
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award six times in a row from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC).
  • Selected by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to lead a statewide research network, providing state-of-the-art clinical research to patients in their own community.

Services & Conditions

Surgery (Cancer)

Surgery may be used in diagnosing cancer, staging cancer, treating cancer, debulking, relieving cancer symptoms, and even preventing cancer.

Radiation Therapy

The Northside Hospital Radiation Oncology Program offers linear accelerators with stereotactic ability that allow us to treat small tumors with unprecedented precision, whether they are in the body or...

Cancer Drug Therapy

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute provides convenient access to infusion and chemotherapy services, so your cancer treatment can be expertly administered close to home.

Cancer Research & Clinical Trials

Northside's Cancer Research Program is one of the largest community-based oncology/hematology programs in the nation and is one of the few cancer research programs in the country offering Phase I-IV c...

The Right Choice for Cancer Care in Georgia


Our goal is to make cancer care local and to bring our expertise and services to our patients’ communities. Our network of over 55 community cancer locations is now the largest cancer network across Georgia, which means you don’t have to travel far for our powerful combination of cancer expertise, treatment facilities and support resources. 

Northside is also home to personalized cancer care, combining the best treatments with the latest procedures and technology, specifically tailored to your cancer. For example, we are the only community cancer program in Georgia (and one of only a few in the country) currently offering CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy. 

From advanced technology — like being Georgia’s leader in Gamma Knife® procedures — to blood and marrow transplant programs recognized for consistently having some of the best survival outcomes in the United States, Northside is committed to advancing cancer care in our communities.



Research Excellence and Advanced Technology Advances Cancer Care

Northside continually stays on the leading edge of cancer research. Each year, we put more patients on clinical trials than any other community cancer program in the state. And, as the leader of Georgia’s network for the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) and other research opportunities through our Northside Hospital Research Program, we give communities across Georgia access to state-of-the-art cancer prevention, screening, control, treatment and post-treatment clinical trial opportunities.