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As Georgia’s leading provider of cancer care, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute (NHCI) offers a full range of cancer support and survivorship resources and services to address the practical, spiritual, emotional, financial and physical challenges cancer patients may face.

For many, a cancer diagnosis can bring feelings of loneliness, sadness or loss of control. Northside Hospital’s community of care represents a network of support and survivorship resources and services specifically for cancer patients. Our patients are supported by a team of oncology patient navigators, social workers, dieticians, and many others who work together to provide support during cancer treatment and into recovery.

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute provides numerous clinical support services; practical and emotional support services; cancer support groups; and, annual awareness, fundraising and survivor celebration events.

Clinical Cancer Support Services

As part of our comprehensive approach to cancer care, the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute focuses on healing the whole person, both physically and emotionally. Our clinical cancer support services are designed to assist cancer patients at various points along the cancer care continuum. We offer a full range of cancer support and survivorship resources and services that are accessible to patients during and after their cancer treatment.

Cancer Genetics

NHCI’s Cancer Genetics Program is available to patients interested in genetic counseling and testing due to strong personal or family histories of cancer. Certified genetic counselors are available to assist with assessing, understanding and reducing each patient’s risk of developing certain types of genetically influenced cancer such as breast and ovarian cancer.

Visit our Cancer Genetics Program page for more information about our locations and the services we provide.

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Oncology Nutrition

Nutrition plays a major role in cancer treatment and patient outcomes. Northside’s dietitians are board-certified specialists of oncology nutrition. Our oncology offer nutrition consults and patient education to ensure cancer patients’ dietary needs are addressed before, during and after cancer treatment.

Location  & Contact Information

Northside Professional Building
993-D Johnson Ferry Road, NE
Building D, Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30342

Website: Northside Hospital Nutrition Services

Oncology nutrition services are available throughout many of our NHCI locations. Please call 404-236-8036.

Cancer Nutrition Seminars

Cancer Support Community Atlanta provides monthly nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations to educate the patients on how to prepare nutrient-rich meals that are designed to lessen the side effects of treatment, reduce the risk of recurrence, and improve overall health and well-being. Click here for a listing of their upcoming events.

You can also view their past Cancer Nutrition seminars here.

Oncology Patient Navigation

A cancer diagnosis is challenging and can cause great uncertainty for patients and their loved ones. The members of the oncology patient navigation team provide patients with the guidance, education and support they need to better understand their treatment plan, access oncology support services and overcome any barriers to care they may be facing. This invaluable cancer support service is offered by our patient navigation team – oncology nurse navigators, cancer care liaisons, and an American Cancer Society patient resource navigator.

Visit our Oncology Patient Navigation page for more information about our locations and the services we provide.

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Oncology Rehabilitation

Cancer and cancer treatments may sometimes cause conditions such as pain, fatigue and balance issues or may limit a person’s ability to do routine activities. Oncology rehabilitation is similar to other forms of health rehabilitation that may be used before, during or after cancer treatment, but is specifically designed to help address cancer-related symptoms.

Our Oncology Rehabilitation Program, through Northside Hospital's Rehabilitation Services, is supported by certified oncology rehabilitation Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. Specialty rehabilitation services are available for the treatment of lymphedema, swallowing therapy, pelvic health management and wound care. If patients have concerns or difficulties with activities that they did not experience until after cancer diagnosis, oncology rehabilitation may be able help.

Visit Northside’s Rehabilitation Program page for more information about locations and services.

Rehabilitation Services Contact Information

Oncology Social Work/Behavioral Health

Northside Hospital’s Psych-Oncology Program represents a specialty area within Behavioral Health Services with a focus on understanding and treating the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and functional aspects of cancer from prevention through bereavement.

A team of oncology clinical social workers assist patients undergoing cancer treatment with reducing their emotional distress and improving their quality of life. Services are provided at locations across Georgia including all three Northside Hospital campuses, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Outpatient Infusion Centers, and Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Radiation Oncology Centers. For more comprehensive and/or long-term psychological support, we offer referrals to our Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Clinic in Atlanta.

Locations and Contact Information

Northside Hospital Atlanta Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
6105 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Building F, Suite 155
Atlanta, GA 30328

Additional Oncology Social Work Contact Information

Website: Northside Hospital Behavioral Health Services

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 404-851-8960

Community Cancer Screenings

Northside Hospital offers free prostate and skin cancer screenings throughout the year at a variety of convenient locations. Registration is required. Call 404-531-4444 between 8:30 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday to register for a cancer screening event. Qualified interpreters are available at each screening event. Please inform registration staff of your language preference.

Practical & Emotional Support Services

People who have had a cancer diagnosis may experience feelings of loneliness, sadness or a loss of control - even when they are surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends. Northside Hospital Cancer Institute offers a variety of of practical and emotional support services to patients who are ready to talk about their cancer with others who understand. Our caring cancer professionals and dedicated volunteers are available to help patients develop coping strategies, as well as provide emotional support during their treatment and recovery.

To learn more about the variety of practical and emotional support services, please expand the content below.

Cancer Support Groups

With a cancer diagnosis, it’s hard to understand what to expect and sometimes, even the most supportive family members can’t understand what you’re going through. Cancer patients and survivors can often benefit from the practical help and advice they receive from others who have lived through similar situations. Support groups provide a safe forum for exchanging perspective and sharing concerns.  

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute patients and their caregivers have access to a various cancer support groups offered by Northside’s Behavioral Health Services and through our partnership with Cancer Support Community Atlanta. 

Due to COVID-19 – many of our support groups have moved from in-person to virtual, which provides the convenience of being able to find connect with others no matter where you may live.

Northside Hospital Behavioral Health 

Virtual Cancer Support Groups

To register for these cancer support groups or for more information please contact Behavioral Health Services at 770-667-4117.

Click here for more details on our Behavioral Health Support Groups

Cancer Support Community Atlanta

Virtual Support Groups

For more information about any of Cancer Support Community Atlanta’s support groups, seminars, nutrition and exercise classes, or any of their services, please visit their website or call 404-843-1880. To register for a Support Group email, [email protected].

Cancer Type Specific Support Groups

General Cancer Support Groups

Northside Hospital Foundation & Annual Events

To help support the needs of our cancer patients, survivors and their families, the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute through the Northside Hospital Foundation is able to provide support services, transportation, lodging, medical care, education and fund new cancer research. This is possible through the generosity of donations, community partnerships and various events and fundraisers.

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Donate to the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute or for more information about the Northside Hospital Foundation or any of their annual events, visit or call 770-667-4483.

Looking to stay connected with our network of cancer survivors?

Our quarterly oncology survivorship newsletter, HOPE & HEALING, includes tips from cancer specialists, ways to get involved, healthy recipes, and upcoming events you may be interested in.

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