The past two decades have brought a new level of care to the people of Forsyth County. 

Northside Hospital Forsyth is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Northside acquired the county’s 41-bed hospital on Oct. 1, 2002. The years since have seen remarkable growth to what now is a 389-bed regional medical center with more than 3,600 employees and 800 physicians.

“There is little doubt in any of our minds that the last 20 years of growth and change at Northside Hospital Forsyth has been remarkable,” Chief Operating Officer Lynn Jackson said“Some would say that we’ve been an overnight success story; however, those of you who have worked steadily with us over the years know that the success has been hard-earned and well-planned.”

Within six months of joining the Northside family, the hospital had its first bed expansion. Soon came additional medical office buildings, a surgical center, cardiac catheterization lab and new operating rooms.

Northside Forsyth

The changes have been noticed, and appreciated, by the community.

“Northside Hospital Forsyth has an amazing ability to adapt to the changes that the community presents,” Forsyth County fire Chief Barry Head said. 

“During the pandemic, Northside Hospital Forsyth teamed up with the city to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to the community. Northside Forsyth stood behind their people, provided the necessary equipment and personnel and helped cut down the spread of COVID-19.”


Dr. Shannon Mize, a former chief of staff at the hospital and a longtime local primary care physician, knew that level of care was always the goal.

“They have stayed current and stayed true to their original intention to grow the hospital and bring additional services to the county,” Mize said. “Northside Hospital Forsyth has kept pace with the progression of medicine, which has culminated in much improved medical opportunities all around for our citizens.”

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to everyone who has been a part of the Northside Hospital Forsyth story in the past 20 years!

Northside Hospital Forsyth 20th Anniversary Timeline (.pdf file-4.58MB)

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