MDJ: Northside opening medical center in Cumberland

From the Marietta Daily Journal, 12/13/22: 

Northside Hospital is slated to open a three-story medical center in Cumberland next month. 

The 60,000 square-foot building at Atlanta Road and Cumberland Parkway will house numerous primary care providers and offer imaging, outpatient surgery and infusion services. Specialties based at the building will include medical oncology, cardiology and urology.

Steve Aslinger, director of facilities planning for Northside, said the Cumberland area is a fast-growing market with more than 230,000 residents the health system can serve.

"Northside Hospital and its physicians already have patients who live and work in this area, so placing health care facilities and services here provides convenience for patients by reducing their commute and improving their access to care," Aslinger said. "Cumberland is a perfect example of the health and access to care needs aligning with a growing community."

Northside partnered with Knoxville, Tennessee-based Realty Trust Group to develop the new building.

Charlie Dickhaus, vice president of Realty Trust Group and a project manager for the Northside Cumberland health center, told the MDJ construction for the building began in November 2021.

"A couple of the real neat features about the project is that it actually has a very nice view of the Atlanta skyline," Dickhaus said.

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