Family makes $200K donation to Northside Breast Cancer Program

The Gregory R. Ammon Family Foundation, a private charitable foundation headquartered in the Atlanta area, has made a donation of $200,000 to the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Program.

Through the financial contribution, the Ammon family hopes to help lessen the financial impact of breast cancer on patients and their families, creating a more personalized and intimate experience as they navigate their path through the cancer journey and alleviating some of the outlying stressors of daily life in addition to the already stressful experience of battling cancer. 

The cause is especially close to the heart of the Foundation and the family behind it. Stacy Ammon, wife of Foundation trustee Greg Ammon, was diagnosed with breast cancer just after her 30th birthday, almost two years ago, and received treatment at Northside Hospital Atlanta. 

“Northside Hospital made my experience – this awful experience – somewhat tolerable, so we really wanted to say a thank you to them and the team there, along with patients going through the same battle I did,” said Stacy Ammon, now a breast cancer survivor. “I know all too well how tough the battle with cancer is in general, but especially during this time of year that is already difficult for so many people. We just wanted a way to help ease that burden for people, so we are very grateful to be able to contribute in some way.” 

The Ammon Family Foundation’s donation targets patients and the families of patients, who are currently going through breast cancer treatment and are having a hard time paying for the essentials of life such as groceries, transportation and childcare.

“I started the Foundation as a way to give back and to help our community. Cancer is close to our hearts – not just because of Stacy’s experience, but also because my mother died from cancer when I was young, so it is a cause that we are always going to support,” said Greg Ammon. “But the foundation also aims to help the community in a variety of different sectors – whether it's education, health care, entrepreneurship, research, the list goes on. Giving back to the community as a whole is what’s most important to us.” 

One benefit of her experience with cancer, Stacy says, is finding an outlet through her social media. “I started using my social media to raise awareness for breast cancer and encouraging women to get regular breast exams,” says Stacy. “I’m grateful to be in the position to share my story.” 

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Program is among the largest breast cancer programs in the country and one of the nation’s leading providers of breast cancer diagnostic and treatment services. Each year, more than 3,100 patients choose Northside as their trusted provider of high-quality breast cancer care. Northside has a history of demonstrated success in securing and successfully executing grants from a diverse group of funders, from federal to local philanthropic organizations, to support patients and their families throughout the cancer journey. 

“The Ammon Foundation’s generous gift will allow us to impact the lives of patients who need extra support along the breast cancer journey,” said Emily Beard, program coordinator of breast cancer and GYN oncology at Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. “This gift is especially meaningful because it represents gratitude from a patient and family who received care here at Northside Hospital. The Ammon family understands the challenges faced by breast cancer patients and we appreciate their generosity in paying it forward so we can support more families.”

Even with such varied funding, there remains a myriad of unmet needs experienced by cancer patients. This financial donation will assist breast cancer patients and families with medical equipment costs, transportation and living expenses, and a health and wellness retreat for adults going through cancer treatment.

To learn more about The Ammon Foundation and its philanthropy initiatives, please email [email protected].

Learn more about how to support cancer initiatives at Northside Hospital.


Photos courtesy of Ammon family, Gary Waldron.


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